An iPad Popup book

This is a digital hobbyist's playground. I develop for PC, Mac, iOS and Droid. I'm most at home in Visual studio with VB, but Cocos2D has really got me going for the mobile platforms. I have a couple apps in the Apple App Store and Android Marketplace. They're branded for the client names, so I prefer to talk about my current iPad project, Faunavale: a digital popup book of fables, fairy tales, and myths.

Ardor Sketch

I'm very grateful to the many people in the Cocos2D and XCode communities who have shared their knowledge online and in book form. I learned a lot from Ray Wenderlich and Steffen Itterheim's book. Thank you very much!

My primary focus right now is on the development of the Faunavale digital storybook for iPad. So far, initial programming has begun on building the Cocos2d framework for the stories. Several stories have been written and we are looking to build the illustration team.

Thanks to Mat Sadler for his great work on bringing Pristine to life in drawings.

Thanks also to Jenni Waterman for her illustration of Bluejay and Peahen

Thanks also Wang Ping for programming and animation work on Bluejay and Peahen for Android and iOS